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     Product Description :

    CDMP300 Substation Protection


    The CDMP300 is a Switchbay Protection and Control Unit . it features the following functions: Protection,Measurement,Contro ,Communication.

    The CDMP300 well suited for primary protection or back-up protection for equipments and distribution lines of ungrounded system with rated voltage not higher than 66 kilo voltages. Usually, all secondary protection and automation requirements of substation can be fulfilled by using CDMP300 independently, which is furthersome for reducing devices’s types and spare parts for projects.


    -   Incoming line protection & control

    -   Distribution feeder protection & control

    -   Bus-linker protection & control

    -   Incoming line or bus-linker with automatic power protection & control

    -   Transformer protection & control  (no differential protection)

    -   Motor protection & control (no differential protection)

    -   Capacitor protection & control

    -   Reactor protection & control

    -   Generator back-up protection & control

    -    Transformer back-up protection & control  (at low voltage side)

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