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     Product Description :

    CDMP300A Substation Protection


    CDMP300A(including CDMP301A, CDMP301B, CDMP301C and CDMP301D, hereafter called CDMP300A)series of Switchbay Protection and Control Units are a type of digital multi-functional relay integrated with following functions as protection, measure, monitoring, control, human-computer interface and communications.

    As the most universal, widest used protection measuring & controlling device, CDMP300A is suitable for primary or standby protection to varied kinds of electric equipments and circuits of indirect grounding electricity grids no higher than 100kv-grade. In general, besides CDMP300A series, there is no need to adopt other series of devices to meet the requirements for protection and automation for the transformer substation, which simplifies the maintenance work and spare parts.  


    -   Protection, measure and control to incoming wires

    -   Protection, measure and control to outgoing wires

    -    Protection, measure and control to bus couples

    -    Protection, measure and control to transformers

    -   Protection, measure and control to high-voltage motors

    -     Protection, measure and control to high-voltage capacitors

    -    Protection, measure and control to high-voltage capacitors

    -    Standby protection, measure and control to generators

    -    Protection, measure and control to primary transformers

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