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                CDMT212/202 Series Temperature Transmitter
                 Product Description :

                CDMT212/202  Series Temperature  Transmitter


                CDMA series integrated temperature transmitter makes the temperature senor(tehernal resistance or thermocouple)signal converting-enlarging unit integrate prganic to measure the temperature of the various processing liquid,steam and other gases medium or solid surface within system of dispaly,recording instruments.


                -Output:HART/4~20mA,Pruofibus-PA,Foundation Fieldbus


                -Surrounding trmperature:-40~8°C

                -Degree of protection:dustproof,waterproof IP67

                -The influence of vibration:less than 0.1%URL

                -Stability:0.1%/12 mouths


                Petrochemical/textile,rubber,building material /electric power/metallurgy/explosives/food and other industrial control areas.

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